Shadow of Leaves


The story behind 'wink ivy' started during the peak of the pandemic when I ​noticed that many women were ​interested in enhancing their lashes, but were ​discouraged ​by the high prices of lash extensions.

I knew I could offer a solution to this problem and make lash enhancements ​accessible to more women. I started researching and experimenting with ​different materials and techniques until I found a way to provide high-quality ​lashes at an affordable price.

With my passion for beauty and my experience in the industry, I decided to take ​the leap and start 'wink ivy'. My goal is to provide every woman with the ​confidence and beauty they deserve, without breaking the bank.

I only invest in the best materials and tools and provide a safe and comfortable ​service. Our customers can expect long-lasting, natural-looking lashes that are ​customized to their individual preferences.

I believe that beauty should be accessible to everyone, and I am proud to offer ​affordable eyelash services without sacrificing quality.

I constantly strive to improve and innovate, and I am dedicated to making 'wink ​ivy' the go-to destination for lash enhancements.